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Changing your joinery may be eligible in some cases financial aid and / or tax credits under certain conditions (like the bunch of work).

Check with the nearest info point energy in your home.

PVC is commonly used for the manufacture of doors and windows. PVC joinery are less expensive than wood or aluminum.

  • Thermal performance: PVC has excellent thermal insulation performance.
  • Good price / quality or Economy: Less expensive than aluminum joinery, steel or mixed.
  • Recyclable: Contrary to popular belief, PVC is the most environmentally friendly material. Requiring little energy to extrude (2.5 times less energy than aluminum), naturally insulating, it is fully recyclable.
  • Robust: A little fragile material, unlike coated aluminum.
  • Maintenance: A simple sponge and soapy water is sufficient. Its welded joints are guarantee a perfect seal –
  • Colours Limited
  • Insulating glass: Different options

Steel is one of the most common materials in connection with the manufacture of joinery, steel and glass remained sovereign materials. Adjustable at will, the steel has the ability to decline all modes: classic, Victorian, art nouveau, art deco, contemporary, avant-garde … The steel is the preferred material for making many decorations, awnings and canopies .

  • Insulation: Meets requirements of the RT 2012 – 
  • Customization: Steel and glass remained sovereign materials, fine sections ensure maximum light, large windows and elegant forms. Easy to shape and with a large range of colors
  • Longevity: Robust, flexible and resilient. When manufacturing products, it receives an anti-rust coating. High bending strength and stiffness incomparable.Très low expansion close to that of glass and concrete unlike aluminum and wood.
  • Thermal Performance: The steel window perfectly isolated from the hot and cold.
  • Acoustic Performance: Steel profiles incorporate thick glass to protect from outside noise
  • Different types of treatments may be performed on the material.
    The windows can wear all kinds of decoration: wrought iron spikes, spirals, rosettes, circle, fronton …
  • Wide choice of colors

  • Insulating glazing: different options

Aluminum present outside gives the woodwork high strength and very good resistance to weather (rain, wind, cold).
Adaptable to any type of architecture and enhanced performance with technology to avoid thermal bridges.

  • Recycling: Aluminium is a clean material, 100% recyclable
  • Unalterable : The aluminum requires minimal maintenance for maximum service life. It does not change size, do not crack, and maintains its performance over time
  • Choice: The aluminum allows all forms, all types of vents, and very large; it adapts to all architectures, new construction and renovation in the old
  • Design: Anodized or powder, aluminum offers a wide range of colors, gloss, matt or textured, and allows for two-tone joinery (a suitable color on the outside, another in harmony with the interior)
  • LIGHT : Aluminum lets 15% more light, thanks to the thin section of its profiles
  • THERMAL PERFORMANCE: The aluminum window insulates perfectly hot and cold
  • ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE: The aluminum profiles incorporate thick glass to protect from outside noise
  • Wide choice of colors
  • Insulating glazing: different options
  • Profile: thermal break systems

In new and renovation, the majority of aluminum joinery, steel and PVC sales are fitted with double glazing.

The basic principle is based on a layer of air or inert gas trapped between two panes; the latter being separated by an insulating interlayer.

The double glazing with gas insulate better than dry air. Heavier, it limits the heat loss between the two glasses. All double glazing does not have the same virtues The most common is the 4/16/4 (4mm glazing / air space of 16mm or gas / glazing 4mm). You are assured of a good thermal and acoustic insulation.

It helps keep optimum temperature inside your home, while you realize significant savings in heating. You let sunlight into keeping uniform temperature inside the house. This maintains a constant temperature throughout the year, while limiting your winter heating.

If you want to get better insulating performance, you have the choice of a reinforced insulation glazing (where the air gap is wider), phonic glazing, burglar retardant glazing, solar control glazing that permit good insulation in winter and summer good protection to limit its cooling needs.